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Managing the Overwhelm of the Silly Season

Rushing around from one commitment to another, we can easily find the joy of Christmas is sucked out of us by a sense of overwhelm and the high expectations we set upon ourselves. We should be particularly mindful and loving towards ourselves when our environment speeds up, this is the time to slow down, take time to relax and recuperate from the year.

The layers that make us

The layers that make us

Last night, my dinner prep involved cutting onions. As I peeled back the outer layers of the onions, I couldn’t help but pause and really take in that action. I’ve been thinking about it all day: the layers that make us. I’m not talking about physical layers, but the...

Pursuing a simple lifestyle

Pursuing a simple lifestyle has been a long journey for me. I had a very long way to go, from the materialistic fashionista that I was in my early twenties, who believed that if I possessed ‘all the things’ I would feel at peace. As an interior designer living in...