Barely one month left till Christmas and the shops are overflowing with seasonal “everything”. Lightbulb reindeers adorn the neighbour’s front lawn and your calendar is filling up faster than your glass on a Friday night. If you’re like me, you’re already tired from the hustle of business, kids and life in general but you know you still have a steep climb before you’ll get a chance to rest. The reality is that no matter how consciously you aim at living your daily life,

you’re about to faceplant into the Silly Season!

Tis the season where we rush from one commitment to another. We will want to catch up with old friends who are only in town for a short time, summarize the last year’s events while enjoying the relaxed familiarity of the relationships. We will also want to attend parties thrown by the more recent acquaintances who have become friends and mingle in different circles, see some new faces, find excitement and fun by stepping slightly out of our comfort zone.
Then there will be large and somewhat stressful family gatherings, the awkward conversations with in-laws and the avoidance of subjects that could cause drama not just today but at consecutive functions throughout the New Year (nobody wants that!). And let’s not forget the community events that look like fun, although they are probably overcrowded and over rated. Not to mention the craze and queues in shopping centres, the socially expected yet dreaded Santa photo of your distraught toddler who’s just been told that “stranger danger” doesn’t apply when the guy is dressed in red and has a beard (what the??) Aaaand throw on top of that all those jobs around the house that have been on that to-do list for longer than anyone wants to admit!

The next couple of months of holiday season are a recipe for overwhelm!

You don’t want to end up at midnight on New Year’s Eve slurring that you will never do all that again, that 2019 will be completely different, that you’ll take better care of yourself and cut out all those bad habits! Trust me, I’ve been there. In most recent years, I’ll admit I didn’t even make any resolutions as I noticed around me that people only tend to respect their vows for a couple of months (and that’s the people who have epic self-control).
You see, we only exist within the realms of our beliefs. For example, if you believe yourself to be a smoker, you won’t quit because you decide to, know you should and feel like crap after every night out. You will only quit when you learn to define yourself differently, as a non-smoker. Not as someone who “quit”, nope that’s not committing to redefining yourself! That’s just a temporary label that you’ll rip off one night after a few cocktails! You get my point, right? This rule applies for pretty much every aspect of life.

So how do we break the patterns

So how do we break the patterns and stop buying into the crazy reality that everyone thinks we should, and spend our well-deserved end of year break running even faster than we did all year round…? It’s quite simple: be intentional and choose to break the pattern. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to rest. You earned it, now is time to consciously put your Self first. Take time to breathe and have meaningful conversations, walk barefoot and enjoy all foods and drinks with delight but not excess. No one can force you to play into the relentless cycle of putting everything and everyone else first. This is where you start, with one decision: to honor yourself.

This insane pattern of modern society to delve into excess of every kind at this time of year is particularly difficult to avoid. Whatever you do, please don’t feel guilty if you get swept up in it, we’re only human and as a social species, we are extremely sensitive to our surroundings and that’s not a flaw. My point here is that however you choose to celebrate, please remember that the most important person on your Christmas list is YOU and you deserve to be a priority. Now go, my lovely! Go write a list of beautiful non-material yet soul-filling gifts you will give yourself.
Go fill yourself up, right up to the top!

Go write a list of beautiful non-material yet soul-filling gifts you will give yourself. Go fill yourself up, right up to the top!