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I'm in Perth, am I able to collect?

Yes of course, in this case use code PICKUP at checkout. Pick up is organised by appointment. 

I’ve just placed an order.. how long will it take? 

Our processing time varies between 2 to 4 weeks PLUS shipping via courier. Delivery generally takes places within a week of collection from our workshop. Leading up to the holidays, we do get very busy so please allow an extra couple of weeks to be safe and allow for any courier delays that can also happen at busy times of the year.

Please allow for an additional 1 to 2 weeks during peak periods such as Christmas. 

What raw materials are used for the products? 

Our products are made from heavy duty hardware, quality solid pine and thick plywood. We work with our suppliers to ensure our customers get top quality sustainably sourced pine wood. Each product is assembled and hand painted in our workshop. 

For more information on dimensions and make of each product, please refer to the product descriptions. 



Will I need to assemble my order?

 No, do not fear.  You won’t have to do much when you receive your order. Aside from finding the perfect spot for it in your home! 

The height chart does come with instructions on how to mount it. But that’s pretty much it. 

What do the fonts look like?

Below are all the fonts we use on our products.  The font options available for each product is listed in each of the product drop down menu. Not all fonts apply to all products. Please note, only the fonts on the drop down can be done for the specific product.