Passionate About Mindful Living

Learn why I want to help families live a stress free, mindful life

How Travel Brought Me Here

My life has been a nomadic adventure from the get go. When I was two years old, my parents took me and my two older brothers away from South Africa on a boat. We sailed to Europe and spent time in Portugal, Spain and the UK before finally settling in France, where I grew up in the beautiful wine and cheese region of Burgundy. France was my home for over twenty years, but I never stopped moving, exploring and craving the ocean air. In late 2009, I moved to Perth Australia and have been truly happy here ever since.

 My nomadic existence taught me that ‘less is more’ and the little things are truly the most important. As a Conceptual Interior Designer, I was passionate about the major influence that our surroundings have on our psychology. I was dedicated to creating ergonomic and comfortable spaces for residences, work spaces and venues. But when my son was born, I faced my biggest project yet: How to embrace this new step in my life without losing myself; how to adapt my carefully curated home to the needs of a tiny human and how to, above all, stay strong and positive in the most challenging times of early motherhood.

My Mission

I started looking for meaningful pieces that would resonate with me and suit my style but I found that everything looked the same and nothing looked right. So I set out to create bespoke pieces for the Mums out there, who just like me, cringed at the sight of mass produced wall décor and primary coloured plastic toys. My brand has evolved over time and early 2018, I decided to focus all my intentions around collecting memories, not things. My products encourage a more mindful approach to life, celebrating the simple joys and beautiful intentions. I hope to inspire families to surround themselves with less ‘stuff’, be more present and keep records of their time spent together.

Good vibes only!