Sustainable Solutions for Conscious Living

Conscious, sustainable living comes from an understanding that living with less provides more. More room for love, more room to create memories, more time to enjoy life.

Wooden Toy Boxes, Height Charts & Memory Boxes

Great beauty comes from simplicity. Mindful living focuses on living life slowly and purposfully to create cherished memories.

Capture The Moments That Matter The Most

Part of living consciously is having a place for everything. Treasured memories, mementos, much loved toys, and precious milestones are all important to creating a rich and full life.

We create beautiful, handcrafted, wooden height charts, toy boxes, treasure boxes and more to help you live a more sustainable and mindful life. Each precious object is made from sustainable timber and can be personalised with your loved one’s name.


The owner and artist from this shop was great to work with and I will order from her again! Thank you!

Karen Widero

Love this! I purchased the personalised keepsake box for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. Looks great and a nice milestone present.
Will definitely purchase more from the collection!! Thanks very much

Alana Every

Absolutely beautiful!!! Bought one for my granddaughter for her home and loved it so much, I bought one for our home ❤️ Recommend this to anyone – excellent quality!!!

Lisa Mahony

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Learn more about mindful living and how you can create space and peace in your home and life.

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